Just a few images I took at the Appleby Travellers (Gipsy) Fair a few years ago with my Good Friend Mike Clatworthy..

I use to dabble a bit with LITH prints in the darkroom many years ago, different papers and temperature of lith would give you different Mono colours, but now I try to emulate it as a Digital Lith (PseudoLith) in Photoshop.

For a good reference of Lith images done in darkroom go here>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/315339078572684/?fref=ts

Alas you can Only join and post if you doing it in the DARKROOM.

A Few images taken at Tyneside & Dumfries. I took these on a four day holiday in 2017 with a few good friends.

A few People images I took in 2017. I Love Street photography, especially the people standing around or doing something. I did these as a Film Noire with grain in Photoshop using Silver Efex.

If you CLICK on the three dots next to arrow you can choose FULL SCREEN

Here is my Link to my DIGITAL LITH FLOWER SEED HEADS from my Zenfolio site. All are Experimental. Click the first image in order to follow through to the end. If you like these then Please let me know.