Hey, I'm Dennis. I'm a Brown eyed, right handed man from Swansea, Wales, UK. I'm retired and I enjoy my photography. I'm an all round photographer but love Street photography & Macro the most.

IF You Like this Web Site of mine, Please do tell. If you think I should do changes, don't be afraid to tell me. I might do the change you suggested or I might not.

Email:- dennisrussuk@gmail.com

This is a site to show off my images. My Gear used is mostly Olympus OM1 Mk2 and a few different lenses. On times I will use my Canon 7D mk1. I was a Canon user for many years but the weight of carrying it all was too much for me. I changed to Olympus 4/3rds system near two years ago. For my Macro I use the Om1 Mk2 + 60mm Macro lens + STF-8 twin flash when needed. Just ADDED to my Gear- Olympus 100-400mm lens + MC14 (1.4 Converter) ..It is Awesome!!

I am an all round photographer but mostly do MACRO--PEOPLE--LANDSCAPE--EVENTS--CREATIVE & many more.

I immensely enjoy turning my B&W images into PseudoLith which is Digital Lith.

I have gained my LRPS--AWPF--AFIAP--CPAGB--BPE1*crown. Once I gained my foot on the first rung of the ladder I decided to stop going for distinctions.

To me, the final product of my images is the PRINT.

I Live in Swansea, South Wales.

I am a member of 3 Camera clubs--Swansea C.C.--Morriston C.C. & Cymru Mono. I am also a member of the RPS (Royal photographic Society) . My group is the 'RPS Digital Imaging Group' of which I Love.

I am a club Judge on the wpf circuit + a Presenter. With the current Covid-19 situation I have had to change to the ZOOM platform for all my judging & presentations.

What Is Inside My Camera Waist Bag

Olympus OM1 Mk2--+ lenses of 45mm f1.8--40-150mm R f4/5.6--12-50mm f3.5/6.3 (I use this a lot) 75-300mm II f4.8/6.7--9-18mm f4/5.6--60mm Macro f2.8 (I use this a lot for Insects etc along with the STF-8 Twin Flash. Also got a Godox TT685o Flash Gun I use for Still Life/Table Top. Spare Batteries, Filters, Rain Bag, + Bits n Pieces.

NEW GEAR Added. (must now use a larger bag)

100-400mm lens + MC-14 Converter. Also bought as a package-- New OM1 Mk2 + 12-40mm + 30mm Macro.

Thank You 'Wayne John' of https://sites.google.com/view/rough-art-photography/home for helping me with my Links on these pages this Saturday Afternoon.

In Here you can click on Friends Web Sites to look at. Lots of Amazing images to look at. ENJOY!