Hey, I'm Dennis. I'm a Brown eyed, right handed man from Swansea, Wales, UK. I'm retired and I enjoy my photography. I'm an all round photographer but love Street photography & Macro the most.

IF You Like this Web Site of mine, Please do tell. If you think I should do changes, don't be afraid to tell me. I might do the change you suggested or I might not.

Email:- dennisrussuk@gmail.com

This is a site to show off my images. My Gear used is ALL Olympus- 1 OM1 Mk2 and Nine different lenses. I changed to Olympus 4/3rds system near two years ago, after using Canon gear for years. For my Macro I use the Om1 Mk2 + 60mm Macro lens + STF-8 twin flash when needed.   Just ADDED to my Gear- Olympus 100-400mm lens + MC14 (1.4 Converter) ..It is Awesome!!  Newly added is a Olympus E-M1X camera. I now have 2x E-M1X cameras.

I am an all round photographer but mostly do MACRO--PEOPLE--LANDSCAPE--EVENTS--CREATIVE & many more.

I immensely enjoy turning my B&W images into PseudoLith which is Digital Lith.

I have gained my LRPS--AWPF--AFIAP--CPAGB--BPE1*crown. Once I gained my foot on the first rung of the ladder I decided to stop going for distinctions.

To me, the final product of my images is the PRINT. 

I Live in Swansea, South Wales.

I am a member of 3 Camera clubs--Afan Nedd C.C.--Morriston C.C. & Cymru Mono. I am also a member of the  RPS (Royal photographic Society) . My group is the 'RPS Digital Imaging Group' of which I Love.  

I am a club Judge on the wpf circuit + a Presenter. With the current Covid-19 situation I have had to change to the ZOOM platform for all my judging & presentations.

What Is Inside My Camera Waist Bag

Olympus OM1 Mk2--+ lenses of 45mm f1.8--40-150mm f2.8--12-50mm f3.5/6.3 (I use this a lot) 75-300mm II f4.8/6.7--9-18mm f4/5.6--60mm Macro f2.8 (I use this a lot for Insects etc along with the STF-8 Twin Flash. Also got a Godox TT685o Flash Gun I use for Still Life/Table Top. Spare Batteries, Filters, Rain Bag, + Bits n Pieces.

NEW GEAR Added. (must now use a larger bag)

100-400mm lens + MC-14 Converter. Also bought a 12-40mm + 30mm Macro. Also added 2x E-M1X that holds two batteries each.

Thank You 'Wayne John' of  https://sites.google.com/view/rough-art-photography/home for helping me with my Links on these pages this Saturday Afternoon.