DECEMBER 29th 2023

I Sold one of my EM1 Mk2 cameras and I now have 2x Olympus E-M1X Cameras to my collection with my 1x EM1-Mk2. So 3 cameras and 8 lenses so far.

   100-400mm lens

JULY 6th 2023

Since 2021 I have added another Olympus Em1 Mk2 camera  (that is now two of them) + a E-M1X.

So far I am loving the E-M1X which is built like a Brick. I quite like the Grip and heaviness of this camera as it allows me to grip n hold tight for less camera shake. I mostly use the 40-150mm lens with it for some Birding and close up images of flowers & insects. It is also good for Portrait shoots.

I am also in a small group called 'The Jolly Boys' which is a group of photographers from around two camera clubs who like to go out on photo shoots. We normally go out every other Wednesday to various places around Wales or even up to England on times.

Keep popping in here for the latest updates of which I'll try to do more often.

JUNE 1st 2021

Had a Great Bargain from #olympusuk with the below kit for just £1,100:00p. This little lot now compliments my other Om1 Mk2 + 100-400mm lens (bought at Carmarthen cameras) and other lenses I already got.

The Below was bought directly from Olympus-UK..

 My other Om1 Mk2 + lenses were bought at https://carmarthencameras.com/ 

Of course Olympus has a Facebook page of which there be loads of videos for you to watch.


FACEBOOK page-  https://www.facebook.com/OlympusUK/

Have a Look and Enjoy.

Olympus Om1 Mk2

This was bought as a kit with the other two lenses opposite. 

Thank You #OlympusUK for putting this kit together at the tremendous price you decided to sell it at.

12-40mm f2.8 lens

Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 lens. #olympusuk

30mm f3.5 Macro Lens

30mm Macro f3.5 #olympusuk Great for Insects & Fungi in it's settings.

 SUNDAY 2nd May 2021


Had to fill up one of the feeders today,only filled it up Friday. Loads of Sparrows having dust baths then a water bath and a drink today. They do like my long Fat Ball thingy I put up as a load of it is being eaten like mad. Also the Wood Pigeon visited twice and the Starling has visited three times so far, each time feeding on the Fat Ball. 


My 35  flower Perennial plug plants (was 36 one died) are growing OK in greenhouse so far. 10 cherry Tomato's have germinated. Had some plants from a Good friend of mine Peter William Toone, who passed away a couple years ago. I saved the seed from one Tomato. Only two seeds of Moneymaker germinated. 3 Marigold seeds from a pack of loads have germinated. All Sweet Peas are growing well. Some other flower seeds are hit n miss. I'm almost sure it is the potting compost. It has coy and other stuff in it..Not as good as Seed Compost with Peat in it. Is a Funny year for germinating seeds without a heater. My 21 year old home made bench in Greenhouse collapsed the other week. I now either have to buy one or find wood to make one.

June 2021

I now STOPPED filling the Feeders as it was feeding a BIG RAT.

Also planted out my Runner Beans in Garden.

The Flower plants in Greenhouse are growing well in 3" pots., I must plant in Garden soon.

FRIDAY APRIL 23rd 2021

Sparrows-Wood Pigeons-Starlings-Blackbirds.

Been in this house now for 21 years. Over the years I never had any birds in my garden, that is, until towards end of 2020 when a few called in. In March 2021 I put up two bird feeders on a crossed stick cut from a tall private hedge. Also put up half a coconut full of fat. I also put out a large Bowl of Water of which the Sparrows drink and wash in it and the Wood Pigeon has a drink. Well, all this week I have had loads of Sparrows having Water baths & dust baths in my garden soil and even squabbling with each other. So far the Sparrows are eating the seeds, a Starling called in to feed on the Fat, then it's mate called in as well.

The Odd Wood Pigeon and Magpie calls in to eat the seed that drops to the ground and eat the bits of crusted toast I put out.

I have had a Mr & Mrs Blackbird call in about twice so far.

Alas I not seen any Robins yet.

                Friday APRIL 16th 2021 5pm 

I just got home from an afternoon of Birding with my Oly gear, when I found my Greenhouse Bench had collapsed into pieces. What a mess there was. Flower seedlings in trays and pots all over the floor. Been meaning to make a new bench for ages as this one was home made 20 years ago. It stood the test of time quite well, despite the disaster I managed to clean up and I don't think I lost any seedlings. Time will tell.

I burnt all the rotting wood in garden and smoke went all over next doors clothes on line...I normally tell her when I going to light fire but this time it was 'pay back time'. Last week without asking me she got someone to cut down my 20 year old shrubs on her side of garden. Well he BUTCHERED it. I now got two large holes in my hedge and three quarters of my Rambling Rose n shrub GONE! Grrrrr!! I told her before that if she wants it cut back to see me and I'll do it, but NOooo she had to ask a Butcherer of garden shrubs. Instead of dumping all of the cuttings at top of garden it now in middle of her garden. Bet its there in 5 years time. The Rose is a lovely Rambler that puts on lots of long growth every year with nice yellow roses fading to white.

 My Very First Blog (Moan) I Like to Moan about something. 

15th April 2021

1st BLOG